Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Health Nazi decorates

As my friends and family will tell you, I have been into healthy eating since I was 12 years old. Never the most popular guest at pot-lucks, silken tofu or soy milk might be the "secret ingredient" in my dishes. Praising the pros of organic sprouted grains can become tiresome to my unsuspecting dinner guests, so I decided to communicate graphically ~ through inspired messaging hanging on my kitchen walls...
Long Live Good Health!!

Featured above (click for source):
Michael Pollan's famous wordsU.S. Food Administration vintage posterBon appetitStop Feeding the Children Junk FoodMaking the SwitchBackground: Ham & Cheese Hot Pocket By Justin Perricone.


  1. Brilliant! Now we just need to turn this into art to mount on our kitchen walls :) I am honored to be a part of your visual round-up. But really, all the credit goes to the people I feature in the Making the Switch series. Thanks for supporting them! I am "pinning" this one!! :) xoLexie

  2. Lexie- you can upload your art to to make posters, tees, etc--even open a Shop on that site. Jo