Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Modern Vintage Style ~ It's the Mix, not the Match

When I purchased my first Spanish-style bungalow about 20 years ago, I put together an interior that was more about the mix than the match. At that time there was no particular "style" to call it, altho I referred to it as "Southern-California-Retro-Modern" (even tho I was then living in the San Francisco Bay Area)         .....1940's tropical barkcloth and rattan; 1950's turquoise kitchenware, linens, and wallpaper; 1960's mid-century-modern pillows and kidneybean-shaped chaise; 1980's geometric black-n-white dinnerware;  and 1990's large canvases of modern art on the walls. Fast-forward into the millennium and we have a design term for this decor style....  Modern Vintage Style. Without a little vintage, modern interiors can be soulless. Without a modern context, the result is fusty and staid. When together, success!
Above are examples of my Modern Vintage Style in one of my previous homes.

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