Friday, February 10, 2012

5 design trends that get my thumbs-up.

Home design is constantly changing with annual color palettes, new trends, and resurrecting things from the past...  It's fun to see what each new year brings. Below are 5 trends for 2012 that are worth mentioning...
White appliances are making a comeback. I always loved how they can 
blend beautifully in an all-white kitchen. (and no stainless steel fingerprints!)

Dark grout. Thankfully, it's back from the 1970's, which translates to... 
no more scrubbing grout stains with Comet and a toothbrush!

Stripped oak. No need to replace those 1980's oak cabinets and furniture.
Just strip-them for the same look that Restoration Hardware is now selling.

Wallpaper and fabric as art. For an inexpensive way to have beautiful walls,
put your fabric scraps and wallpaper samples in standard-size black frames.


Manufactured homes. Sustainable, livable, and beautifully designed...
prefab is not deluxe trailer park living any more.

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