Monday, November 5, 2012

Creativity is just a click away.

Social media has opened the door to uncovering creative finds that we may never have been exposed to. Through flickr, tumblrPinterestFacebook and others, we have a window into the world of painters, metalsmiths, quilters, sculptors... Below are some wonderful artists that I have discovered while clicking.

Featured artists from around the world:  Sabine Timm, Germany;  Louise van Terheijden, Netherlands;  Anja ZaharanskiGermany;  Szilvia Vihriala, Finland;  Alexandra Abraham, Great Britain;  Kit VincentCanada;  Pia Holm, Finland;  ElinUnited Kingdom;  Analya Cespedes, Chile;  Michele Fabbricatore, Italy.

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