Thursday, April 3, 2014

My first IKEA HACK-attack

I am not really a DIY type, at least not any more. When I was younger, you would find me crocheting sweaters without patterns, pouring molten silver into lost-wax jewelry casts, silk screening my own designs onto tees... if it could be "made", I was making it. Fast-forward to now and I don't even like to paint my own walls. But as I was searching for a vintage dresser in a yellowy-green, there was nothing to be found. Being the avid PINNER that I am, so many DIYers were creating and pinning IKEA hacks; taking an inexpensive and cheaply-produced Swedish article and transforming it into something different. So that is how this yellowy-green dresser found it's way into my guest room. I won't say I am particularly proud of my first IKEA hack. An antique piece would have so much more character. But it's bright, cute, and holds my guests' socks just fine.

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